2018 LakeWalk for Cancer Ambassador

2018 Ambassador- Nancy

My name is Nancy. I am a cashier at Piggly Wiggly, a divorced mom of four adult children, and I have a cat named Lambeau. I enjoy crocheting, reading and going to the gym.

My journey began in early December 2016 at a routine doctor's appointment.  My daughter had accompanied me, and I am glad she was with me because when the doctor told me I had stage 1 uterine cancer, my hearing shut down.  I heard very little after that, and my daughter stepped in to ask the questions that needed to be asked.

After seeing my doctor, I met with a surgeon, and we determined a complete hysterectomy would be my best option. We set up the date for January 2017, and then I came home to heal and prepare for the next part of my journey.

Once I healed from the hysterectomy, I started chemotherapy and radiation treatments. They began in February and carried me through September. It was not a pleasant experience, but the support I had from family, friends, and the wonderful people at ProHealth Care made it bearable.

I am now recuperating from these treatments.  My hair is growing back – a lot curlier than it had been – and my energy is improving.

I want to say thank you to all the nurses, office staff and doctors in the cancer center at ProHealth Oconomowoc Memorial Hospital, as well as my family and friends, for standing behind me and lovingly urging me on.  God bless them all.

Nancy Amidzich